Welcome to Look. It’s My Book! where we provide new books to children in grades k-4th.


It started in 2008 with an alarming fact: Peoria Public School children were not reading at grade level. The solution was simple – give books to children to read and keep.

Look. It’s My Book! founder Janet Roth and her team of dedicated volunteers, now numbering over 500, have distributed more than 300,000 books to children in all Peoria Public Schools from grades Kindergarten through fourth. We believe by giving children the choice to pick out their own book, the child will be more engaged and willing to read more often.


In Peoria, nearly 75% of children in public schools live in poverty. Research cited by the Literacy Council indicates 61% of children living in poverty do not have a single book at home.

Look. It’s My Book! volunteers are passionate about children learning to read and reading to learn. The program has a targeted goal of having all third grade students reading at a third grade level, by the time they leave third grade.

With our work:

Children starting kindergarten in Peoria Public Schools will have 30 books of their own by the time they complete fourth grade. This is achieved by hosting six book distributions a year at each primary school.

Children are more likely to read/re-read books they choose themselves – thus building reading skills in the primary grades.


Look. It’s My Book! began by supporting a single elementary school in Peoria. Today, our organization provides books to all 13 primary schools in Peoria as well as other children focused organizations.

“Developing a love of reading is a game-changer. A love of reading and access to books provide hope for a child despite poverty, family, or neighborhood stability. Thanks to Look. It’s My Book!, our students are receiving one of the greatest gifts of all – books to instill the passion of reading, learning and growing.” – Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat, Superintendent of Peoria Public Schools


Janet Roth
Founder, Look. It’s My Book!®

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