Summer 2020

NEW! Peoria celebrities read their favorite children’s books for your child’s enjoyment and encouragement. To listen, visit our Storytime page with your child or grandchild!

Watch the CBS This Morning interview with Carla Hayden from the Library of Congress and Jason Reynolds, children and young adult author, corroborate one of the pillars of Look. It’s My Book!® which is: “Provide books that kids WANT.”
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WTVP Interview with founder, Janet Roth
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Stay tuned… Gala 2020:  Postponed due to COVID-19 (See right for details!)

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For the love of reading....

Gala 2020 Silent AuctionLet's get ready for the Look. It's My Book! Roll Out the Red Carpet 2020 Virtual Gala!

This year, our silent auction will be held online, with Silent Auction Pro!

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Young readers understand the value of a real book!

Hi & LoisParticipate in our reading program for young school children in Peoria.

Studies show that a child's reading skills and school performance improve if there are books in the home. Research cited by the Literacy Council shows that 61% of children living in poverty do not have a single book for children in the home. Getting books in the home is a real need for many of our students in Peoria.

Look. It's My Book!® was founded to augment the work of the Adopt-a-School Program in Peoria, IL District 150. In the 2015-2016 year we will provide a book to each child in kindergarten through fourth grade six times a year. We currently serve all of the fourteen elementary schools. By helping children have access to books at home, we hope to strengthen learning and instill a life-long love of reading. Our many "Thank You" notes from the children indicate that it seems to be working!

Enjoy the video of one of our distributions. "Thank- You" notes follow!

Look. It's My Book!® is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Your privacy is important to us. All transactions are completely confidential, and no personal information will be given or sold to any organization or individuals.

Donate today!

Use the convenience of PayPal

or AmazonSmile by choosing "Look Its My Book® Endowment" as your charity

You can also send a check to:

Look. It's My Book!®
422 E High Point Drive
Peoria,IL 61614